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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kai is back! Kinda..

Kai's channel is back up! Who were you trying to fool kai disappearing like that?! We knew you'd be sitting there one day, double fisting a couple baconaters like ya do and realize your life is nothing without ol' youtube. Face it, you have a co-dependent relationship with us :D Either that or your cash flow from mama is running low and since you have to get online to flash those silver dollar nips you might as well make a few dollar store hauls while you're at it right? I'm sure davit is drooling over getting to see that chubby bunny body of yours again! don't lie, we all know the only time he gets to see it is when he's a paying customer like the rest---you little tease you!

ALSO! Kalel is rumored to be dating Anthony from smosh. I know this isn't new news but it still blows my mind.  What seemed to be an insider was on the board last night and claimed that they spent Thanksgiving together and are planning on spending Christmas together as well. Um.....WTF?. What is he thinking?! If it IS true (which i highly doubt) and Ms. Smith is in fact Mrs. Smosh, someone needs to get a hold of that kid fast and beat the shit out of him for such poor decision making. Disgusting. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quick Update

It's more than understood that most of you aren't happy with recent changes and because of that I've decided to make some changes of my own. It's beyond clear that a lot of you are outspoken, and that's awesome! I want everyone to take part in this blog; after all it’s supposed to be fun! That means that if any of you have any ideas on how to improve UC let me know! I know it takes more of a commitment to write posts than a lot of you are willing to offer on a continuous basis. In saying that, there's no reason why some of you can't be contributing writers. If you have an idea for a great post or a topic you're just dying to get started than write a quick blip and email it to me! I hope you guys agree with me when I say there's absolutely no reason for this blog to die :)

You guys can get a hold of me on AIM at UCgiraffe

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deleting This Blog :)

Yuppp. I have no time to write posts for this blog anymore, let alone have the time to watch any of the "gurus". Obviously you guys have noticed I've been pretty lazy about this blog in the past months, and to be honest, the reason I haven't deleted it earlier is just to spite Lisa Wilcher ;) My decision to delete this blog has nothing to do with any legal threats or orders, despite mama wilcher's best efforts; I just don't have time for it anymore.

Having said that, I don't want to leave you guys without a place to go, so if someone, preferably one of the regulars here, would like to start a blog and plans on actually updating it (there are tons of failed guru blogs), please email me at and I'll add a link to your blog at the end of this post. I probably wont be deleting this blog for ATLEAST a week, so if you want to save any pictures or links from the linkdump do it now!

Thanks guys, it's been fun ;)

edit 11/23/10:
I still haven't decided whether or not I want to delete this blog. I still like talking shit about gurus, despite not having a whole lot of time to do it anymore. I've had several of you email me saying that youd be willing to mod or write posts. I may ultimately decide to do that, for now anyway. I would hate to delete a years worth of pissing people off ;)

If you guys want, I've also had 2 new blogs emailed to me;

check em out if you need somewhere else to bitch!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hay Everyjuan!

I've been meaning to bring this up for a while, but got distracted with a lot of other things.

So the holidays are coming up, and that means lots of SHOPPING! It seems we tend to avoid or love brands based on what the garoos say about them, like Piggie...wait, I mean Pinkiecharm and Stila, MichellePhan and Lancome, Makeupbytiffanyd and Sigma, and Foreverkailyn and pretty much every brand that's sent her free shit.

But here's another brand I'm adding to my never-support-again list this year:


Yup, a month or so ago NYX officially released standing displays that can still be seen inside Ulta stores, showcasing what may be the biggest hacks in the "beauty community", LisaElle and BlairElizabeth Fowler. This picture came from a member on twitter, but I've seen it myself in real life, unfortunately. (A friend with me at the time remarked, "She's SIXTEEN? She looks like a twenty something whore!")

But the biggest problem here is that these legitimate brands are slaving over mediocre girls undeserving of the terms "artist" or "guru", just for a quick buck. Unfortunately, it's not a way to give your brand credibility in the long run, at least in my opinion.

So now I'm interested--what other brands are you avoiding because of the garoooos? And what should I do with this NYX stuff I don't feel like using anymore? Their quality was always so-so, anyway.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


And you're not underage! Which means Mama Wilcher has nothing...but then again, if she found this post and found out that YOU were on a camming site getting money to flash your bits to random guys, I would hope she would yell at you before yelling at us.

Oh and I wonder what Davit thinks?!

Unfortunately Blogger is cutting off the photos, so you can't see the extremely laughable text chats--just click the images to see the full sized versions.

Oh and when she found out we knew about it? She tried to delete it!

It's a good thing, though, that I have some screen caps in case she ever figures out how to delete her page, which is available at the moment here:

Screen caps:

Oh, but I guess since she couldn't delete that account, she decided to make her entire youtube page private. No lulz from that front for the moment, I guess. :(

I predict ITT we will have mama wilcher or kailyn anonymously trying to say all these pics are shops. Explanations as to how exactly you can shop someone's head onto someone else's body, and then shop that body back into Kailyn's room (of which no empty pictures exist) will not be provided.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Special!

YESS you guys, it's finally October :D By far, my favorite month out of the year. One of the reasons being because I love Halloween, so naturally it seemed appropriate to do a special post dedicated to it. I ask you guys this question;

What are your guesses for what some of the beauty "gurus" will dress up as?

Obviously there's no real guessing involved with a couple of them, seeing as they look like they're in their costumes all year around. For example;

MakeupByMel - Snookie

missblairbeautyx3 - Chuckie

Kalel (QueenBeeuty) - An ant.

leave me your thoughts ;)

Happy Halloween Everyjuan :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Msfililocalola has been caught buying video views off of ebay

$2 for 1000 views? is that even worth it? Apparently this seller has sold over 250 of these thousand-view types of things (and I'm sure there are more people out there selling these) so it makes you wonder what other partners are using this to raise their view count, eh?

Whatever, I believe Msfililocalola lost her adsense, anyway, this was probably why ;)