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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Viewer Discretion Advised?

So those of us who follow Kailyn know that shes been obsessively trying to sell her old shit lately; cell phones, computer, games, etc. so she was probably ~thrilled~ when someone finally agreed to buy one of her scratched-up phones. We know Kailyn is not the brightest girl we've ever seen, but whatever lonely neurons she DOES have hiding up in her brain were clearly not being used when she mailed away her phone without first deleting all the pictures stored on it. All 200 + pictures. Whoooopss.

Heres a little preview;

werq gurl
Credit: anon

Kai's only real-life friend speaks out;

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kalel's Going Crazy

For those of you who watch Kristen/Kalel's vlogs, you've probably noticed her recent, uh.. odd.. behavior. She's been vlogging quite a bit in the past week or two and has exclaimed that in these vlogs she's able to let her "true personality" out because she doesn't feel the need to be so formal and professional. A few of her subscribers are enjoying seeing the "raw" Kalel. I, on the other hand, think she's losing her mind.

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oookay, crazy lady. I also think its weird how she talks about the people she met ONCE at Vidcon like they're her best friends. Kind of like how she's constantly mentioning Blair, and when asked, Blair really has nothing to say about Kalel. hah. If this truly is the "real" Kalel, I can see why none of her friends want to hang out with her in public. People often give Kai a hard time for living at home, not having a job, and not doing anything all day, but really, Kalel is pretty much on the same level. Although, she DOES consider youtube her job and it seems like she has no plans to get any other job. We can also talk about how she intends to pick up and leave to live in LA soon. Apparently she has done no research on living in LA and has failed to realize that she'll be shelling out close to a grand a month just for rent. Perhaps that's why she's gone so crazy in her videos lately - to get more views to make more $$. Interesting.

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