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Monday, September 21, 2009


wow. words cannot express how much i dislike this girl. but ill try =D pretty much, the only reason she has any subscribers is because people feel bad for her. everyone talks shit about her. i feel SLIGHTLY bad SOMETIMES because people can be REALLY mean to her, but she pretty much brings it on herself. Shes conceited and everything is always "soooo cute!" or "soooo gorgeous!" its "SOOOO" fucking annoying! and she buys things (clothes) that are not the least bit flattering on her obese body. OH and did she seriously go to SCHOOL to learn how to put on makeup?! shes awful! ANYONE can do what she does! she picks the most awful color combo (think back to her pina coloda inspired look) or does looks that are basically just one color with eyeliner. wow. you deserve a medal for that, kai. and its fucking hilarious that google adsense disabled her account bahahahah so now she has to get a real job, oh no! and she got her mom to make a video addressing it.. are you fucking kidding me? she had to get her mommy to film because she was too busy eatting? or what? this girl is so fucking stupid its painful to watch her. oh, and her boyfriend is ugly as fuckkkkk

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New information about "Elle" and "Blair"...

So i have just learned that their names are actually Lisa and Elizabeth.. what the fuck!! why would they lie about their names? i learned from another guru about this, and have decided on my own that it is indeed true. When i purchased something from Blair during her blog sale, i was charged to my paypal account by an "Elizabeth Fowler". hmm. interesting. I also learned that it is a FACT that elle was indeed paid for her review on sunlove. she denied and denied this, but theres actually an ad on craigslist for gurus to review their products for good money. why would she mislead all her loyal subscribers? As stated in a previous post, they have been doing an awful lot of reviews lately.. probably because theyre getting paid for it.. its sick they get thousands of new subscribers every week but theyre being dishonest. they dont deserve any of the money theyre receiving. im unsubscribing, i hope some of you choose to do the same. after all, youre being LIED to.

OH, and btw, let me know if you want any verification as to how i know about their names. basically, their dad has a page on his employers website and he mentions the names of his three daughters, Lisa, Elizabeth, and Emily. also, they DO live in Kingsport, TN, just like i suspected =]

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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