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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


And you're not underage! Which means Mama Wilcher has nothing...but then again, if she found this post and found out that YOU were on a camming site getting money to flash your bits to random guys, I would hope she would yell at you before yelling at us.

Oh and I wonder what Davit thinks?!

Unfortunately Blogger is cutting off the photos, so you can't see the extremely laughable text chats--just click the images to see the full sized versions.

Oh and when she found out we knew about it? She tried to delete it!

It's a good thing, though, that I have some screen caps in case she ever figures out how to delete her page, which is available at the moment here:

Screen caps:

Oh, but I guess since she couldn't delete that account, she decided to make her entire youtube page private. No lulz from that front for the moment, I guess. :(

I predict ITT we will have mama wilcher or kailyn anonymously trying to say all these pics are shops. Explanations as to how exactly you can shop someone's head onto someone else's body, and then shop that body back into Kailyn's room (of which no empty pictures exist) will not be provided.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Special!

YESS you guys, it's finally October :D By far, my favorite month out of the year. One of the reasons being because I love Halloween, so naturally it seemed appropriate to do a special post dedicated to it. I ask you guys this question;

What are your guesses for what some of the beauty "gurus" will dress up as?

Obviously there's no real guessing involved with a couple of them, seeing as they look like they're in their costumes all year around. For example;

MakeupByMel - Snookie

missblairbeautyx3 - Chuckie

Kalel (QueenBeeuty) - An ant.

leave me your thoughts ;)

Happy Halloween Everyjuan :)