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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kalel = Kristin ?!

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We all know, based off of the very dramatic video that "Kalel" (QueenBeeuty) posted, that "Kalel Cullen" is not actually her real name. She felt like she needed to come clean though, because since Kalel is not a name she gave herself until after high school, someone she graduated with may have come forward and called her out, had she not admitted it herself. Not really a big deal, I suppose most of us were probably getting used to the fact that many bigger gurus were lying about their names. We all assumed "Kalels" birth name would be something really ugly and embarrassing (as she implied) and several people came on this blog saying they knew her and what her real name was, but no one could ever really supply any proof.

Fast forward to yesterday, when she posted a twitpic of her and her boyfriend, Nick;

Probably not the best idea on her part, because now knowing what he looks like, that his name is Nick, and that he lives in Missouri, someone was able to find his facebook;

Which lead to finding out Kalel's birthname;

Kristin Smith

She has commented on Nick's facebook several times, pretty much giving us all the proof we needed to believe that this is actually her real name;

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Interestingggg. Although I doubt you can see it anymore, but on both Nick's facebook and myspace he was listed as single, even though Kristin refers to him as her boyfriend. HAH.

Anyone wanna take bets on if/how long itll take her to delete her videos and disappear for a while again?

Honestly, I don't care that her name isn't really Kalel, but she wants so badly to become an actress and to make it big in Hollywood, well, this is what happens when you're "famous". Also, I had completely forgotten about this until now, but Kristin's blog was the first time I had ever heard about Blair and Elle's real names.

She wrote an entire blog entry (now deleted)about the Blair/Elizabeth Elle/Lisa watergate scandal (lulz) and chastising them for not coming clean, lying, deceiving, etc. Ironic, isn't it? ;)However, even though we all know that Kalel lovessss deleting everything she's ever done on the internet, an intelligent person realizes that anything you put on the internet, whether you end up deleting it or not, was public information and just because you delete it doesn't mean that it's gone forever. Case in point, the blog entry in which she basically criticized "elle" and "blair" for using fake names. As previously mentioned, it was deleted, but someone saved Kalel's aforementioned blog entry back during the winter when "kalel" was acting like "Blair's" BFF;

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Get it gurlll

Monday, April 26, 2010


Many of you have expressed a particular annoyance with Michelle Phan. I suppose she's never really bothered me because I don't follow her on twitter, however, after seeing some of her obnoxious tweets, I can definietly see why people bitch about her. Some of people's grievances about Michelle include;

-She constantly tweets about the nice food shes eating, nice hotels shes staying at, and nice clothes she buys. Some people may be legitimately interested, but others just consider it bragging when she screen caps and posts a pic of her Urban Outfitters shopping cart.
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-She has(had?) a rabbit, Mr. BunBun whom she loves very much. However, she is now working with/sponsored by Lancome, a company known for testing their products on animals.
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-Speaking of Mr. BunBun.. what ever happened to the little guy? Last we all heard is that he was sick and Michelle asked everyone to pray for him and mentioned that she was going to take him to church.. and then nothing happened. If she doesn't want to talk about it, that's fine (even though she brought it up to begin with) but people were concerned and I'm sure they're curious as to what happened.
Some screen shots, decide for yourself what you think they mean;

-Several weeks ago, Michelle tweeted;
"Dear Neiman Marcus. Thank you for giving me a $50.00 gift card. I'm gonna buy an awesome pair of socks!"
Yes, Neiman Marcus is expensive, so expensive, in fact, that a lot of people (her subscribers?) wont shop there, so why would she belittle the fact that she got anything for free? Especially considering she wasn't raised as a spoiled little girl like "Elle" and "Blair" were.

-People have also commented on her vanity. She claimed she was going to get her jaw "corrected" because it would help her chew better and that she doesn't want to have a "Jay Leno" chin..

-Her greed..
$12,000 jacket:
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-She also created a second channel, in which "Every month, a selected charity from the viewer's request will receive all of the profit accumulated from this channel." A nice thought.. but in the 9 months its been up, only 6 videos have been posted. I can't imagine it's been making a whole lot of profit.

-Has anyone ever tried her skincare line, IQQU? Id be interested to see what other people think about it..

Overall, I still enjoy her videos (as do her almost 700,000 subscribers) and I'd rather see someone like Michelle succeed versus a girl who's a complete bitch and has always been handed everything on a silver platter. It's interesting though, because while she's decent at makeup, she's not the most talented or inventive guru I've seen, but she IS good at editing, speaking, explaining, and adding soothing music..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"So Sassy, So Hot" ...

So earlier this week, MeganHeartsMakeup announced that she opened an own online store;

At first glance, the store sells moderately cute, extremely overpriced girly things - similar things to that from the Shitzy-Scam store run by the QVC sisters. However, not only are the items themselves similar, but the two websites are nearly identical;

Her subscribers weren't exactly thrilled about the store, either;

So first of all.. wtf is with the name? "So Sassy Hot" ... what? Megan's 14 and has younger subscribers, but I guess now they can buy all that useless crap and be SASSY! and HOT! just like Megan. It's clear Megan knows shit about the actual company selling the products, she didn't even know where it was located. Basically, she's just promoting this store, picking what goes in it, and receiving some of the revenue from other people doing the dirty work. So really.. I cant understand WHY she felt so compelled to start this store. Ellen and Balir started their store to sell those initial keychains made in their mom's store. Megan obviously doesn't need the money, isn't selling anything unique, and so clearly copied this store idea. I doubt she even had anything to do with what was written on the website.

So in short, don' waste your time or money.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Naughty Kaiz

I have a feeling most of you haven't seen these yet.

Let me know who's been pissing you off lately ;)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh hayy..

Random, possibly-interesting happenings as of lately;

-DulceCandy87 is supposedly moving to England.. do they have a Forever21 in England?

-Michellephan is supposedly moving to Los Angeles ... to share an apartment with Lisa and Lizzy?!!1?!1//! Nah, but wouldn't that be hilarious.

-Kimitoxxxic quit the glam squad.

-MissJessicaHarlow made a video pimping that SunLove shit but then privated the video. Some other interesting stuff surrounding Jessica (this actually happened about a month and a half ago, I'm late jumping on the bandwagon) is that someone recently told me she won the purple lab hsn model search. Cool, that's awesome for her, but a lot of people questioned this because she entered the contest two days before the contest, which was based on viewers votes, ended. People thought it was weird that she got so many votes, in fact, more votes than anyone else, in two days. It would make sense for the owner of Purple Lab to want Jessica to win, considering the amount of subscribers she has, and we all know about the shady shit that went on between Purple Lab, Balir, and the coach purse "gift".

More about Jessica Harlow; This is a screen shot of an email someone sent me:
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Doe Deere and Jessica:

Jessica from.. some photo shoot?

comment with your thoughts :D

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lying Lil Kai Kaiz?!

So it all started about a week ago when the collab channel Kai is apart of, TheOfficialGlamSquad (lulz), announced the theme for the week; A Day In the Life. People were curious and anticipating Kai's day-in-the-life video because as far as we all know, all that Kai does is sit in her room, film videos, shops at Walmart, and eats chicken pot pies.

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So Saturday rolled around, and as usual, Kai waited until as late as possible to upload her video to the glam squad channel. However, before she did that, she uploaded a vlog to her lilkaikaiz channel. She explained that she was sooo sorry for not uploading very many videos, she had just been soooo busy that week BECAUSE; she got a job, started going to the gym, and had been hanging out with friends! ... Interesting, because two of the things that people like to give her shit about is the fact that 1) She's constantly shopping, almost 20 years old, but doesn't have a job, and 2) she never talks about her friends or mentions hanging out with them.

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A little while after uploading this vlog, she uploaded the much anticipated day-in-the-life video on to the glam squad channel. It was the EXACT SAME VLOG that she had already uploaded to her personal channel. Whaaat the fuck. People were pissed and rated the video down. Kai claimed she was "too busy" that day to film a video... uhhh EXACTLY, you were supposed to be filming that busy day. Some people were curious as to what exactly it was that Kai found a job doing, but Kai refused to tell anyone. I wouldn't expect her to tell people WHERE she works (even though she had no problem telling people that she goes to the Curves gym) but she wouldn't even tell people WHAT she was doing. Saying something like "saleswoman" or "dressing room attendant" or "shopping cart gatherer" is extremely general and shouldn't have been a big deal to tell people. People found it suspicious that Kai gets a life all of a sudden, on the week that shes supposed to film a video about it. Then instead of filming any part of her new life, she just talks about it in a vlog. She then disables ratings and puts comments on moderation. Finally, she deletes both videos. Hmmm... lyingggg, perhaps?

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ALSO, someone was able to find Kai's profile on the dating website, Right after it was posted and people saw it, they started commenting on interesting stuff found on the profile, like her relationship status being listed as single, listing herself as bisexual, and having no mention of a job, in fact, she actually said that she WASN'T working at this time. However, pretty much immediately following these comments, everything on her profile started changing; her status to "in a relationship", her sexual preference to "straight", and then adding something about a job. Coincidence..? Probably not..

Before she changed it;

Oh, and one more thing; its old news but some people still may not know about it - Kailyn has a different YT channel now (as of about a month ago) because of "email issues". Biggest bullshit I've ever heard. Although it can't be determined for sure, it's likely that Kai created a new channel and new email address to try and apply for partnership again, making her whole "I love makeup, I love making videos, I do this for fun, I'd never want to get paid" video a complete lie.

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