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Saturday, March 27, 2010


That's right, it's finally time for a post on Nat Neagle. For those of you who don't know who Nat is; you're lucky. I've watched a few of her boring videos and unfortunately have been in her blogTVs a couple times and have witnessed her self righteous, bitchy, lying, holier-than-thou, delusional behavior.

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The most recent bullshit that FatNat has pulled involved the BobbiBrown contest she entered; once followers of this blog found out about it, they obviously voted for people other than Nat. I don't know why the fuck Nat was so baffled about this, these people clearly don't like her, so why would they vote for her? She posted a video about this situation and then begged for her 13,000 subscribes to vote for her. How is begging people to vote for her just because they like her any different than people her NOT voting her because they DON'T like her?

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She also announced yesterday that she would be doing a BlogTV that night and she formally invited all trolls there so that "we can all talk as adults" - and she promised that she wouldn't kick anyone out. A couple people came as guests, only to get bitched at by Nat, saying "why don't you sign in to your real account!"... YOU invited us here, bitch, why don't you allow guests to chat? She also demanded to know why people disliked her so much and oh, imagine that, when people told her, they got kicked out. Several people also got kicked out just because of their usernames. She also sat there complaining that none of her trolls were even in the room to talk to her, its a Friday night hun, some of us have lives and go out on the weekend. Well Nat, here you go, a list of things that you do that piss people off;

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Nat CONSTANTLY fishes for compliments, mostly on twitter. We get it, you used to be bigger, you've lost some weight, GOOD FOR YOU, but constantly tweeting the "healthy food" you eat? give us a fucking break. And do you really expect us to believe that its HARD for you to consume more than 700 calories a day? bitch, PLEASE. We don't really care that you're obese, just stop making a big deal about it and drawing attention to it. You make these outrageous claims (like being 200lbs at 5'6'' and being able to fit into size 10 jeans) and expect people to NOT question you? And just FYI, your outfits are not cute, please stop posting them.

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Nat, although very clearly NOT in high school anymore, refuses to grow up. Not only does she act like a child, but she ignores the ones she has. She has been seen in several videos and blogTVs blatantly ignoring her children.

She once tried to claim that she makes no money from her youtube account, and when someone tried to point out that shes a partner and ALL partners make money, she corrected herself saying that the money made from YT goes to her kids, and not her. Damn those children, such a burden on her life (and her stomach)!

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It's also interesting that Nat has a MACpro card, when it is well known that you have to supply atleast 2 forms of identification (for being a professional in beauty industry). Several months after she got her pro card, she proudly posted pics to her blog showing the first time she had ever done someone's makeup... shouldn't a "freelance artist" have done MANY people's makeup by that point? Maybe she took the same 40 hour makeup class Kai did.

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Finally, as previously mentioned, Nat supposedly has money issues. Now, you probably wouldn't know this by the amount of makeup and name brand crap she buys (like UGG boots, lulz) and you'd assume she's making mountains of money by the way she's constantly bragging about her two college degrees.. but then why do her children share a bedroom? Apparently HER needs come before her children's needs. A while ago she also pulled a Kandee on us - she provided a PayPal button on her blog for people to "donate" money to her to buy a house. Apparently her and her husband had no savings left after a couple of MAC spending sprees. She claimed they wanted to move out of their apartment and into a house because one of their neighbors was very loud. She said the only reason the paypal button was there was because one of her subs requested it to help her get out of her "bad" living situation.. but then said it was all a joke when she was called out on it.

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Hannah Montana FTW

As far as I'm concerned, Nat ASKED for this. She sat in her BlogTV all night last night demanding people tell her why they don't like her - well here you go :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Morning America

Yeah, basically everyone has already seen this, but it's definietly worthy of its own post since it's such a fail. For anyone who follows Lisa or Lizzy on twitter, you may have noticed that the GMA crew was with the QVC sisters for most of the day; I'm not really sure why, seeing as the segment was only was about 4 minutes long and only featured them for about half the time.
Anyway, my favorite lulz of the segment were;
-The segment was aired on Sunday morning - when everyone is sleeping in, at church, or nursing their hangover
-It was mentioned that they live in TN - They've made a huge deal about concealing this fact (even though everyone already knew, anyway)
-Lisa considered herself a "cute girl" and thinks girls want to live vicariously through her
-The reporter said that the reason Lizzy left school was because she's been so "successful"
-It was confirmed that they are paid and have an agent (for all the little girls out there who refused to believe it)
-The two hosts at the end of the segment basically laughed at Lizzy for "quitting school to shop"

The segment basically showed Lisa and Lizzy for what they really are - obnoxious, greedy, money hungry snobs.

So what did you guys think about the QVC sister's national television debut?

Other QVC sister bullshit;
Anyone remember Lisa's "Red Hot Rant" video that made her look like a patronizing, condesending bitch? Well, its baaack:

and for someone who asked, when Lizzy went to visit Lisa in NYC over the summer, she came home and mentioned in a haul that she received a Coach bag from "a very good friend of hers", otherwise known as the woman who created the HugeLipsSkinnyHips lipgloss and sent it to Lizzy to review. Of course Lizzy would never admit that someone she works with on a professional basis would buy her such an expensive gift, but here's what the women had to say about it in response to many viewers accusations;

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ellen & Balir

So it's a pretty general census on this blog that the QVC sisters are greedy, selfish, fake, bitches.

FYI, QVC sisters = Elle & Blair = Lisa & Lizzy = Ellisa & Elizablair = Ellen & Balir = Eel & Beer

However, several things have recently been discovered that all of their unfortunate subscribers should know about.

First of all, Lisa recently uploaded a "50 Questions Tag" that was quickly taken down because of "copyright" issues. Right, Lisa, your video had copyright issues, just like Kai made a new channel because of "email issues". Before she took down the video, someone was smart enough to download it, and this part of the video was particularly interesting;

She does the same question two times in a row, obviously practicing her "clueless" routine. You have to practice being dumb? I would have guessed it just came naturally to you, Lisa.

Anyway, we all know that Lisa and Lizzy charge companies to review their products (in addition to recieving free products) and as far as we knew, it was only about $250 a video. However, certain emails were leaked and posted in this blog;
Basically showing a couple of back and forth emails between Lizzy's agent and the owner of a company in which the agent insists that Lizzy must be paid $500 for a review on the products AND three free products. Greedy, much?

Finally, does anyone remember maybe.. a year ago? When Lizzy went on a huge shopping spree to Juicy Couture and then felt bad, so she told her subscribers that she was going to give one of them these earrings;
Aww how sweet of her.. except that this picture was taken less than a month ago;
Same earrings? Probably. Why would Lizzy do anything nice for her subscribers? We all know that when they hold contests, they're either sponsered by another company or the prizes consist of some of their shitzy-scam keychains.

By now, everyone knows that these girls will be featured on GMA (probably on sunday, 3/21) but.. WHY? these girls have always been handed everything on a silver platter, why not find someone who worked to become successful? Their agent probably begged for the gig, which is why its being featured on a sunday, when everyone is either sleeping or at church.

These girls ruined the beauty community on youtube, flat out ruined it.

keep rating this vid, too;
and check out the QVC sisters in a nutshell;

Monday, March 15, 2010

FTC = Fail?

So on December 1st of last year, a new law was instated by the Federal Trade Commission aimed mostly at online bloggers and members of the youtube community. This new law required that whenever someone mentioned or used a particular product in their blog/video, they included information about whether or not they received the product for free, if they were compensated for mentioning it, and if the opinions included were their own. Failure to include these things could result in an $11,000 fine.

Finally, we all thought, people who promote the shit out of crappy products because they're getting paid for it will have to come clean and stop lying to their subscribers. Except for whatever reason, some "gurus" still refuse to follow these FTC rules, such as;
And some of the bigger gurus find ways to halfass the rules so technically they're still following them, but they're still being dishonest. So who has the balls to report them? No one, really, because if a particular guru suddenly included FTC info in between the time they were reported and investigated, the fine for falsely accusing someone is even greater then the fine for not following the rules. So I guess that means shitty gurus can continue to shamelessly promote things like tongue scrapers and adult diapers just to make a quick buck. Oh well, I guess it was a nice try, FTC?

So what do you guys think? Do you even care whether or not gurus get things for free? I don't, I just think its sad that many gurus will promote things that they would never use had they never been sent them for free, just to make money off of their thousands of subscribers. Some gurus (like itsjudytime) will block you if you question why they haven't included FTC info. The FTC rules were created to protect consumers, but due to the fact that a large part of the beauty guru's audience is made up of naive 13 year olds, nothing has really changed.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Ah, Teresa (JuicyTuesday on YT).. when you gunna stop lying about your age, gurrrl? While I know you enjoy living in the fantasy that you are still in your twenties, those bags under your eyes beg to differ. We know in reality you just turned 37.

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Its okay, not a big deal, everyone gets there eventually, no need to lie about it. Good thing you've got that sugar daddy keeping you comfortable, right?

Speaking of which, it was pretty cute that in one of Teresa's latest vids, she showed her viewers the new hat and sweater that her dear boyfriend(?) bought for her recently. She mentioned that she thought both were pretty ugly, UNTIL, however, she saw the price tag. Too bad money can't buy class, eh?

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Additionally, how could we forget the drama she created with msfili? That's an entire post in itself, but basically, people claim that she ended up giving out msfili's information (address, phone number, etc) which is pretty shitty, but I suppose this can't really be proved one way or another; the entire situation is just stupid and immature (especially for a 37year old ;) ).

So anyway, I guess the final point to make in this lame post is that; Teresa, in between slurps of coffee, please consider putting a bra on in the morning? :)

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