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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Msfililocalola has been caught buying video views off of ebay

$2 for 1000 views? is that even worth it? Apparently this seller has sold over 250 of these thousand-view types of things (and I'm sure there are more people out there selling these) so it makes you wonder what other partners are using this to raise their view count, eh?

Whatever, I believe Msfililocalola lost her adsense, anyway, this was probably why ;)

Saturday, September 11, 2010


So most of us are aware that Blair and her sister Elle have been in NYC for Fashion Week. They're contributing editors for (and failing miserably, I might add) and the completely embarrassing article that Blair wrote about the first fashion show they went to was reason enough for a new post. HOWEVER, we all know that Elle and Blair are particularly good at digging their own graves and getting caught up in their own bullshit, case and point;

It's September 11th. A day for remembrance and mourning for those who tragically lost their lives 9 years ago. "Happy" is NEVER a word anyone should ever associated with this day, so imagine the response from trolls AND fans when Blair tweeted this;

And if that wasn't bad enough, ELLE tries to defend her;
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No. There's no excuse for what Blair posted other than that shes a completely insensitive, ignorant, uneducated little girl who SHOULD be crying, just like everyone else was crying on September 11th 2001. NO ONE should be giving her any sympathy for what she said.

Now, since we're already on the topic of the pathetic QVC sisters, let's talk about the horrible blog article Blair wrote that was mentioned earlier.
This is the article;

and this is the show she wrote about;

I'm pretty sure anyone could have done a better job writing this article. She mentioned colors - ooh good job Blair, so glad your eyes work - and that was about the extent of her review. Oh, other than the fact that she basically insulted the designer, saying his music selection was "blah" and "wacky". Sorry bb, I guess your only acceptable music choices would have been Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

I don't normally say this, but I really do encourage every one reading this to link it to the "OMG LEAVE BALIR ALONE" tweeters. Blair has done a lot of shitty things during her youtube career, but this definietly takes the cake and deserves the attention of the little girls who idolize Blair.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Working on another legit post for tonight (maybe tomorrow) but because of the new stupid comment max, enjoy this lulzy picture for the time being. :D

be safe in the hurricane, kai! dont let any of your makeup get away <3