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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Since something's going on with blogger...

And I would hate to deprive you all of a place to post, here's a new post.

Only I don't know what to post about, soooo, have a funny site that someone on twitter mentioned (If you want credit, just say so, bb :)).

Try searching for your favorite garoos--I think you'll find there are some lulz to be had from it.

I think we should all submit some funny screencaps of the youtubers we laaaaahve tho much!

On a side note, I think we might have a new 5000 comment limit?

/end failpost. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010


Wow, youtube has been kind of quiet and mundane lately, other than the typical scams of the QVC sisters (we KNOW youre moving to LA, how stupid do you think your subscribers are?), but that's nothing new. I suppose some of the minor, mildly interesting things that have happened lately include;

-Kalel deleted all of her videos from both channels. Again. And is now talking about taking a break from youtube. This is after she claimed her video camera was stolen from her HOTEL ROOM and from her camera, these "robbers" were magically able to gain access to her accounts and THEY were the ones who deleted her videos. oooookayy.

-MakeupByMel got her adsense disabled.. and then made a whiny, crying video about it. AKA, expect more sponsored videos in the near future.
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-Aubrey (Fafinettex3) is fucking stupid and supposedly got her youtube hacked.. AGAIN. This time being from a link she clicked. Honestly..

-Kailyn continues to regress as seen recently by her self proclaimed love for SillyBandz, Seventeen Magazine, and Justin Bieber.
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-The QVC sisters recently did a Marshall's commercial which was hysterically bad. Blair was clearly upset the focus was not on her and come on, how many of you really believe that they would shop at Marshall's, had they not been sponsored?

-Elle and Blair keep denying any moving plans although supposedly they have some top secret project going on. Can't wait to inadvertently find out about that before they actually mention it so I can ruin the surprise for all of their minions :)
-We recently found out that Elle and Blair will soon have their own makeup line with NYX cosmetics. Cool, another makeup company I'll stop buying from. It's also speculated (and pretty much confirmed) that they have some sort of Deal with Forever21.
-It's also kinda sketch how they both randomly need their wisdom teeth pulled - at the same time. Do we see a new plastic surgery in their near future?

-Just throwing this out there (because its a slow YT week), but a lot of people seem to be speculating that Elle is 'dating' (LOL IKR?!) an actor named Alex Pettyfer. He had tweeted her, but no one can decide if this is the REAL APet; But I mean really, who could pass up such a hot piece of Tranny?

Amazon Woman

Monday, July 5, 2010


Yup. Everyone who comments here totally called it - MONTHS ago.

Blair and Elle are moving to LA

Come on, guys. How many of you legitimately thought that Blair was sooo generous that she'd let her 7 year old sister move into her huge room while Blair stuffed all her shit into another room less than a third of the size? But let's just backtrack several months. Blair had been talking about how she needed to be done with high school in May - an entire year early. Why, Blair? What "big project" do you have coming up? Naturally, the clever people on this blog instantly knew that her and Elle were likely moving, and probably to LA, where their agent is. Then this facebook conversation surfaced;

Yeahhh. Fast forward to earlier today. In Blair's new June Favorites video, she would not STFU about some makeup artist named Gabriel. They're obviously good friends because they tweet back and forth to eachother;

HMM LOOK AT THAT. As soon as Blair oddly announces that shes changing bedrooms, we find out that she's moving to LA. Soon. Anyone wanna bet on how long she'll try and say her new apartment in LA is the "guest room" at her parent's house that she talked about?

When do the lies stop!?