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Thursday, October 29, 2009

to clear things up...

Alright so evidently a lot is going on with this whole Kai debacle.
These are the FACTS we know;

--Kai deleted her twitter, blog, blogtv, and youtube
--Kai has a new twitter (kailynkreations), blogtv (kailynskreations), and youtube (kailynskreations)
--A forum was found in which screen shots were included of kai showing her saggy boobs online to a guy she (apparently) had just met

now, here are some of my conclusions; (not necessarily fact)
--i would like to hope that david did actually break up with kai, but apparently its not true, and dear god i hope they never reproduce
--why she deleted and recreated all her shit? i have no idea. my guess as to why she made a new youtube? to try and make partner again. because why would she want to make money at a real job?
--kai's mom was the YT user (Getridofhaters) who is trying to.. i guess.. get rid of haters? and is claiming to be "cybertipline" even though cybertipline is for children and this person cannot spell anything correctly.

OH and one more thing. I do not consider myself (or anyone here, really) a "hater". i just enjoy calling people out on their bullshit. i didnt make her show her boobs online and then force her to enjoy a delicious chicken pot pie. ohhh no kai, you did that on your own.


ahh yes, also, some useful links: -chelseas impersonation. dead on. -underwear pic.. -weed pic.. -moneybag mom!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


i dont really think i need to say anything about this. lol

Thursday, October 15, 2009

more about "kaikhaod"

this girl is basically a complete bitch. first of all, she gets about.. 20ish comments per video? (oh, but thered probably be a lot more if she approved all the other comments she gets, but shed never do that) Not that many, yet she doesnt answer peoples questions. occasionally, yes, but seriously kai, its obvious you spend all day on the computer, why dont you answer the questions people ask you about your videos? secondly, she NEVER NEVER says thank you. there are some nice people out there who sometimes compliment kai, and she NEVER thanks them. again, its not like she has that many people to thank, but really kai, a simple "thanks!" goes a long way. for whatever reason, she seems a tad (HAH) narcissistic. anyone have any idea why? while i agree that i dont think shes a "plus size" girl, shes really not that pretty. or talented. or smart. or thin. so where does all this confidence come from? its good to have self confidence, yes, but she takes THAT to a whole new level.

on another note, she refuses to take helpful comments from anyone. obviously she knows everything since she went to a cosmetology school, right? wronggg. kai, you should try and get your money back. i honestly see no difference in your makeup from before you went to that school and now.