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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Alright, so many of you have been asking for a post on Irene aka pinkiecharm. Certainly an interesting topic. So basically, all that Irene does is review shit online. A LOT of shit. What makes her qualified to review makeup? I'll never know, seeing as as far as I can tell, she doesn't wear enough. HOWEVER, *apparently* MAC and Stila send her free products to review. Whaaattt the fuckkkkk, MAC?! Although people say its been confirmed and blah blah, I STILL refuse to believe that MAC would send free products to someone who doesn't even do tutorials and who barely has 30,000 subscribers. Besides the MAC and Stila, she definietly doesn't receive everything she reviews for free. I don't believe she works.. although I do believe she has sued/is in the process of suing Applebees for falling and hurting herself. HAH.

But lets pretend for a sick second that Irene does in fact receive free products from MAC. She is frequently on Makeup Alley swapping all of this makeup that she's supposedly gotten for free:

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Several things are listed as new, still in the box... how did she adequately review this stuff if she didn't even touch it? Classy.

And besides all of this, shes just a bitch in general. "I'm not google, look it up yourself." STFU, you obviously had the time to respond so rudely, it would have taken you just as much time to, oh i dont know, ANSWER their question. She also decided to block EVERYONE that follows her and sticky on twitter (sticky has over 1000 followers) and when asked why, she sent out some BS letter about how she couldn't have people that followed sticky also following her. ooookay, irene.

full size makeupalley pic:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just for the record..


(this link is just more to show that "Blair" has always gone by the name Lizzy, not Blair.)

These girls have never gone by "Elle" and "Blair" until they started youtube. Blair got the name from Gossip Girls, Elle got the name from Legally Blond, and their little sister "Hannah" (Emily) got that name from Hannah Montana

I dont care, but for fucks sake, stop lying.

K, more interesting posts soon.

You werk that runway gurllll

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MeganHeartsMakeup ... and lying?

Alright, let me begin by saying that I actually really like Megan (YT: meganheartsmakeup)and I think she quite mature for her age (shes only.. 14?) and very sweet, so I'm not here to talk shit about her.. but she has been kind of pissing me off lately..

Several months ago she got a new boyfriend and stopped making videos as frequently. Whatever, I didn't really care, but she felt bad about it and would upload videos basically just saying that she was busy and sorry and would start making videos soon and blah blah blah, and she would always include a picture of her and her new boyfriend, half naked;

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Now, I know I said I thought she was mature, but damn, Megan, you ARE only 14... Yes, we're happy she's happy but no, no one really cares about her little boys hot abs. When she posted a video including this pic, she got a LOT of shit about it and quickly took it down.

, what really irritates me about this girl.. does anyone remember the contest she did back in like.. October? I believe it was a Halloween contest to recreate a Lady GaGa makeup look, and the prize was a $100 giftcard! OMG, so generous, right?! wrong.

She picked not one, but 4 winners. That's $400 (superb math skillz, I know) but where is this $400 coming from? She obviously doesn't work so her parents were clearly fronting the bill for her very expensive Halloween contest. Although what you'd be interested to learn is that all four winners STILL haven't received their giftcards (all 4 winners were recently emailed to confirm)but Megan keeps telling them that she'll send them soon! ... Four months later... still no giftcard. It's quite obvious that the girl comes from wealthy parents ($430 Stuart Weitzman boots for a 14 year old girl? really?) so its clear (and pretty shitty) that her contest winners take no priority, especially not over her shopping sprees.

Boy just cant keep his shirt on;
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HER caption for this pic: "so this is why you like the bunny..."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kandee Update

As previously mentioned, Kandee Johnson has been facing charges including Child Endangerment when she supposedly left her young son at home alone while she was in LA for business. Well, now shes also being faced with truancy, as well. She "allowed" her 12 year old son to miss so much school that he failed to receive credit for a semester.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Elizablair's up to something..

Alright, so a recent topic of interest seems to be Elizablair and her moving to LA. We already know that her and her sister, Ellisa, have agents and someone who hires an agent usually has intentions of doing some sort of modeling, acting, whatever, so what exactly does Elizablair want to do in LA? First, lets review some things;
- Elizablair has an agent
- Elizablair recently spent a week in LA and was supposedly extremely busy the entire time
- Elizablair is moving to LA soon
- Elizablair has been recently working out with a trainer quite frequently
- Elizablair has since deleted all her tweets regarding LA

To me, that all seems to point to Elizablair getting ready to do some sort of acting job in LA. I find this quite hilarious, does anyone remember a video that Soundlyawake did.. I want to say for halloween? Anyway, it was a video featuring a bunch of different bigger youtubers, including Elizablair, and her acting was AWFUL. I was almost embarrassed to watch her. Recently, someone came on this blog saying they were one of Ellisa's roomates and said something about Elizablair being on the CBS television show Big Brother. Anyone can come here and say anything, so it's very possible that this is not true, but it IS possible. Agents are often used to recruit people to shows such as Big Brother, so its not a completely far fetched idea, and someone with such few acting skills would likely be advised by an agent to start out with something like this. But again, this is all speculation, I really have no idea, but Elizablair definitely has something going on. Thoughts?

Elizablair's "acting"...:

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"haha what do you think ;)" Thats likely the closest we'll ever get to her actually answering that question. We all know its NOT her middle name.

More Elizablair shit;
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Links of the pics to see full size: