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Monday, June 28, 2010

IMATS etc.

So this past weekend, the International Makeup Artist Trade Show was held in Pasadena, Ca. As indicated by the name, IMATS is a place for real makeup artists to get discounted makeup, learn new tricks, and share ideas with others. However, I feel really badly for all of the legit makeup artists who attended, because it was more like an Elle and Blair minion shit show. Some of the other "gurus" who went included Allie, Leesha, Josh, Tiffany, and Lorraine just to name a few. Some of things these "gurus" were up to at IMATS included;

- Blair and Elle holding a meet up at one of the conference rooms at IMATS. What the fuck. Despite the fact that Blair was supposedly "the youngest makeup artist to ever work at NYC fashion week", neither of them are actual makeup artists. The only real skill they have is manipulating young girls, so why IMATS rented them an entire room for two hours is beyond me.
-Tiffany and Lorranie ended up going on this trip together. Which was weird, idk, I didn't even know they were friends. They intentionally showed up to IMATS "fashionably late" and left quickly after they arrived, trying to avoid being in any pictures with their subscribers. They also filmed all of the cute little escapades they had together.
- Megan, despite talking about it for months, let all of her subscribers down when she decided to stay in Vegas for the weekend and didn't say anything about it. She later blamed this blog, saying that people here were making mean comments so it made possibly going to IMATS "not so much fun." oooookay bb.

Honestly, if I were a real makeup artist, I'd be pissed. I can understand people like Josh and Leesha going, because they actually do shit with their makeup, while many of these other "gurus" just do 15 variations of a neutral eye. Although it would have been nice to go, given the incredible discounts on makeup, I'm not sad I missed out on the obnoxious 12 year olds running around and the ridiculous three hour lines.

Picture timeee;

Hey Lisa.. camera's over here..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GlassSlipperBeauty's Contest Drama

People have been requesting a post dedicated to Allie (glassslipperbeauty on YT) for a while, mostly because she's annoying, clearly copies many bigger "gurus", and acts like a spoiled, entitled brat. I've kind of put off writing about her because meh, she's what, like 14? Most 14 year old girls are annoying. However a couple days ago after announcing her contest winner, she took "annoying spoiled girl" to an entirely new level. Allie held a comment contest in which the winner would receive a $100 gift card to MAC. After she announced the winner, several of the 17,000 subscribers she had at the time went to this winners youtube page to find that the account had just been made that day. Basically, the contest was fixed. People were pissed so Allie felt the need to address the situation and made this video;

So. Much. Bullshit.
--First of all, if her "friend" had made this fake account, wouldn't she think that Allie would notice the address when she sent her the prize?
--She also tweeted that when she went to pick the first winner, they weren't subscribed to her so she picked someone else - the person who had just created their account that day. In her video she said that her FRIEND found the winner for her, while in her tweet she said that SHE did it.
--In her video addressing it, MeganHeartsMakeup left a comment telling Allie to just tell the truth and her real subscribers will understand. It seemed like even Megan didn't believe Allie's acting. She also left a comment on Allies channel;
--Elle also tweeted Allie offering her support, which doesn't exactly help her case considering Elle is basically one of the biggest liars know to YT.
--Another reason people think she's lying is because she made a HUGE deal out of this. She tweeted about it for awhile and then put up her dramatic video with "crying" in it. If she legitimately had no idea what her "friend" had done, she would have apologized, picked a new winner, and been done with it; not had a break down over it.
--Speaking of fake crying, a website was found where she proclaims herself as an actress;
-- suspicious?
--She then removed the original explanation video and posted this one in its place, where she contradicts herself many times;
--pt. 1:
--pt. 2:

Earlier today, people woke up to see that Allie's channel had not been deleted, like some anticipated, but rather it had been hacked. Some people think it was just a publicity stunt, an attempt to make people feel bad for her, others think it was an act of phishing, where she clicked a link that promised more subscribers or something which then stole her password, and others think she was actually hacked. Either way, she's now contacted the police (LOL) and her bff from Google (more LOLing). Anyone want to guess what will happen next?

Monday, June 14, 2010


I feel like this topic may lead to more bitching, arguing, and legal threats than usual, but oh well :) I personally can't stand Lorraine. As if her constant fake boob & crotch shot camera angle isn't reason enough to avoid her videos, her bitchy and materialistic attitude would be the next best reason. In a recent video of hers, she's having a conversation with her mother about her camera, which she doesn't know much about other than the fact that it was expensive, and "expensive is always better". Too bad the same can't be said about her face, in which people speculate has had some work done..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Earlier on the left, more recent on the right. You decide.

It also seems like Lorraine has some sort of weird fetish with younger boys. She claims to be 24 years old but it's not uncommon to see her with boys that are a little closer to 18 years. In one particular drunken blogTV, she featured a couple of half naked18 year old boys;

Cougar status.

On a personal note, in the first video of hers I had ever watched, her convenient camera angle made it very apparent right away that her boobs are likely fake. I don't care, I have nothing against boob jobs, but looking at the comments, I noticed several people were asking her questions like "how do you get your boobs to look so nice?" and since she would probably never answer, I answered one with "plastic surgery". After Lorraine saw this, she freaked the fuck out, deleted my comment, blocked me, and left me several rude comments on my channel. Uh, if you don't want people to ask you about your boob job, don't constantly put it on display for the world to see.

She's also been on the crazy fruit diet for months. While yes, fruit is essential and very healthy, eating exclusively fruit for months on end is NOT healthy, and I'm not sure if it really works as a weight loss, anyway..
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I definietly would never call Lorraine fat, but..

Anyway, there are several other reasons that people tend to get annoyed with her, like her constant pushing of her family store's overpriced chain necklaces, her inability to differentiate between "your" and "you're" (as seen in a recent rude reply to a subscriber), and her overall arrogant attitude. So what do you guys think about her?

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2-for-1 Nose Job Special?!

A couple of weeks ago, "Blair" uploaded a video (ironically talking about the "old Blair") where it was very apparent, atleast to those of us with eyes, that she likely had work done on her nose. Bad work. Two days ago, "Elle" uploaded a new video and many people were shocked to see the same new pig-nose that her sister had recently upgraded to (or downgraded to, in many peoples opinion). Although many of the Fowler sister's minions will try to defend them by saying that they either lost weight, changed their eyebrows, or got hair extensions to elongate their faces, getting stuff like that done does not turn up or refine the tip of your nose.

Decide for yourself;

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Now, before her minions get here and jump down my throat, YES, I know she's 22, she can do whatever she wants with her body, blah blah blah, and to be honest, I think her new nose fits her better than Blair's new nose, but I just think it'll be interesting to see how they handle this. I'm guessing they'll just let their little followers fight their battles for them and never mention anything about a nose job, and block anyone who asks. I wouldn't except anything more from the QVC sisters :) It's also just interesting because both of them try to be positive role models (by saying that they only set their comments on approval to prevent their younger viewers from seeing vulgar comments) and they try to be relatable to other girls their age. Neither of these two, especially Blair, really had horrible noses to begin with, so hopefully the younger girls who actually still like the QVC sisters don't start considering nose jobs for themselves just because "ellen and balir got one!!1!"..