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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sorry Guys..

Hey guysss, sorry I've been MIA lately and my blog is dying a bit, but I've been super busy. I don't want to let you guys down, but I just don't have the time to keep up with the guru drama lately haha. SO, if anyone has something they'd like to talk about and they/I feel like it would get enough attention, I'd gladly accept guest entries.

You can email me at with info and pictures of people youd like to vent about, and I'll go ahead and post them. I can include your name or leave them as anonymous.

Thanks for understanding everyone :)

keep on trollin'.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pat Mcann

You're right pat, karma IS a bitch.

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I've recently been contacted by someone who knows Pat Mcann well. For those of you who dont know, Pat (hediedfabulous on YT) is the fatass partner in crime of stickmans who enjoys sitting on the computer all day, talking shit about everyone. He claims he only talks shit about people who deserve it, although his favorite target lately has been Justin, or PerfectlyGORGEOUSx on YT. Why, Pat? Yes, he is an awkward 16 year old gay boy, I suppose that makes him an easy target, but what did he ever do to you? Thats pretty sad, if you ask me. I dont even know how this sad excuse for a man can even consider himself a beauty guru, and quite frankly, I'm glad I live no where near him so I dont have to witness his flabby ass wandering around town in pajama pants and some sort of ill fitting shirt.

However, what I've recently been told definietly gives Pat the award for Creeper of The Year. Pat has made several different aliases on Facebook to befriend boys he went to high school with. These FB names include Amanda Lennox and Kayla Ramsey (both of which will likely be deleted by the time he sees this). Yes, he creates FB accounts of fake girls, and goes through great lengths to make it look legit, IE many pictures, friends, and a full profile. He pretends to be a girl to try and convince these boys that he went to high school with to send him naked pictures of themselves. Some of the boys he was friends with on these accounts are as young as 15. I think that makes you a sexual predator, doesn't it, Pat...

Thanks to this cute boy, for the information. I'm sure you'll recognize him, Pat.

He also has a photobucket with albums consisting of random pictures of girls (probably the girls he uses for his fake facebooks)and many weird screen caps, some of which show the IM conversations he has pretending to be a girl, asking for pictures from a guy;

Update: After seeing this blog, Pat deleted his twitter, youtube, and formspring. Running from something, Pat? Pathetic.

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Not so Innocent Afterall..

If you've ever watched a video by Elizablair on YT, aka Juicystar07, than you know she prides herself on being a "good girl" and a good role model for younger girls. She claims to have her comments on approval because "her younger subscribers don't need to be exposed to some of the rude comments she gets". She's referring to all the comments guys typically leave when they stumble across her videos, but we all know she sets her comments on approval so that she can deny and block anyone who questions her real name. Well, Elizablair, what would your younger subscribers think if they saw you posing with a case or Keystone Light beer?

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I don't really care that she drinks beer, 5 years younger than the legal limit, because most of us had when we were that age too. But seriously, cut the whole good-girl shit out Elizablair, we see right through you. And tell your friend to put her boobs away. Thanks.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson (KandeeJohnson on YT) has be a a favorite guru of mine in the past and in my opinion, is one of few who actually deserves the "guru" title, as she has a professional background and has worked with celebrities. However, she's recently been involved in a lot of legal drama. She has expressed her concerns through her blog, saying that the things she is being charged with are "ridiculous". I dont think she ever intended for people to know exactly with what she was being charged until several internet news articles appeared which revealed that she was being charged with child endangerment after supposedly leaving her 12 year old son at home alone while she was away in LA. She's obviously pleading "not guilty" and plans on fighting the charges. Meanwhile, she has been trying to find an attorney to defend her, however, she claims she doesnt have the money to get one.. so, on her blog, she included a button that allows people to "donate" money via paypal.. is that really necessary? Honestly? Are there no better places for people to be donating money, say for example, Haiti?

Anyway, what do you guys think about these charges? Guilty? Not Guilty?

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