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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Biggest Bitch?

Hey guys, sorry I've been MIA for the past two weeks. Both flip (my moderator) and I have been on vacations and have been busy, butttt we're back with THREE "gurus" to vent about this time ;)

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Crazy bitch. Like, legitimately crazy. I expect death threats to come about because of this post, but I guess that just shows how crazy she truly is. I've watched several of her videos and don't really mind her, but if you insult her, watch the fuck out. Although unfortunately she deleted her tweets and formspring before someone could screencrap these psycho moments, hundreds of people saw them. The most notable incident would have to be from her formspring. A question/comment was made, probably criticizing her weird gray hair or something, and she basically responded with a very vulgar, graphic, threatening rant to the extent of "I'll rip your throat out, spit on your grave, and rub it in your families faces". If someone has a screen shot of this, please send it to me, even though there's no way I could make this stuff up if I tried haha.

Oh, the gray hair I spoke of;

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Steph, your hair looks gray. Sure, could be the lighting, but yeah, people are still going to comment on it. No need to get all upset about it.
1 month ago

@barbiehannah just a little heads up. even when people say "not to be mean" i still block them for a rude comment. do it again and i will block you."

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A couple more things;
-She tweeted a little while ago asking people to click on her links because she "really needs the money". She considers youtube her job, so she probably shouldn't ask people to click on her links if she wants to keep that "job", considering google adsense can disable your account for that.
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-She tweets a LOT about drinking/being drunk. RIP steph's liver and dignity.
-DON'T add her on her personal facebook ;)



To be honest, I've never watched a single video of hers so I can't really comment on the quality of her vids, but after seeing some of her bitchy responses to subscribers, I'm glad I'm not one of them.

Sure, you CAN act like all your subscribers are dumb... or you could respond with something helpful and encouraging.. nahh.

..because no one in this history of YT has ever privated or deleted their first vids. Bitch.

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Here are some more screencap links (too big to post as a pic) that show how defensive and bitchy she constantly answers;

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Again, another one I've never really watched, but I don't think I could get through one of her videos even if I tried, as she bares wayyyy too much of a resemblance to Snookie from Jersey Shore. Unfortunately, that's NOT where the similarity stops. When she's not on the hunt for another nude, death-looking lipstick, she's practically begging her subs to "send her swag!". Damn gurl, you're just full of class.
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Also, I'm sure most of you remember the NYT article featuring Mel, Blair, and Elle, which basically made a complete mockery of all of them. Mel was extremely excited to see herself in this article and couldnt stop tweeting it. uhhh did you READ it, Mel? It had nothing good to say about you.
BTW, how's that petition to get you into Seventeen Magazine going? HAH
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So there you guys have it. What do you all think? Biggest bitch? Most annoying?
Oh, and a special thanks to my mod for helping me out with this one so much, considering I dont really watch either three <3

Friday, May 14, 2010


For awhile, a lot of people have speculated that "Blair" may have gotten a nose job at some point in her life. These rumors came about after seeing pictures of a much younger Blair;

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Although the first picture shows some what of a larger nose than what she appears to have now, I wasn't really convinced. A lot of younger girls may "grow into" their noses as they get older and as their face thins out or whatever.

Earlier today, people were back at saying she had gotten a nose job again. At first, I didn't really pay attention to the rumors until I watched the new vlog she uploaded today. She looked different. She added an annotation into the beginning of her video saying she had done her eyebrows differently; probably to add some excuse to her different appearance. It's also apparent that she's hasn't done a video in awhile; the last one she did was about her Miranda Cosgrove meetup, which was filmed weeks ago. She also stated in her video that she had a good reason for being absent for so long, but "its probably not worth anything", so we never actually heard it.

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Her nose is looking rather Micheal Jackson-ish, no?
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Notice how in the "before" picture, the bridge appears wider and the tip not as refined and turned up as the "after" picture looks..
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I don't know wtf she did to her brows, either, but she kind of has that perma-surprised look on her face.

Now, it isn't definite that Blair had a nose job, I doubt we'll ever know one way or another, I'm sure when asked, she'll deny anything having to do with a nose job. But based on these pictures, you can decide for yourself :) Ahh Lizzy, keepin' it real!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Lies From the QVC Sisters.. surprise surpriseee.

I wanted to make a quick post about this because I really hope as many people as possible see the recent New York Times article that was published featuring a couple of the youtube "gurus" that we love to hate; namely, the QVC sisters Elle and Blair. We all know that these girls demand outrageous amounts of money for the reviews they do on pointless crap that they likely wont ever use again after the review, but now, thanks to this article, we know exactly how much these greedy sisters demand;

$4000?! REALLY, Elle? And for "editing costs", no less. Biggest bullshit I've ever heard. The Sunlove company has been known for posting ads on Craiglist offering anywhere from $100 - $1000 for a review, so we assumed Elle had received a payment closer to the thousand dollar range, but $4000.. fuck. How COULD you give anything other than a positive review after demanding so much money?

I couldn't be happier that some of the recent news articles featuring these fraud sisters have been starting to call them out. For so long, their naive subscribers has insisted on defending them so hopefully some of these articles will help them discover that Elle and Blair really don't give a shit about their subscribers; just like everyone has been saying on this blog for months.

Even though the fraud sisters have claimed time after time that they make videos purely for their subscribers and would do it even if they weren't getting paid, these articles tell a different side. In addition to making money from youtube, Elle has also recently signed up for sponsored tweets, in which she receives $400 every time she tweets about one of the sponsored topics.

Another one of their recent bullshit scams includes the video that Blair put up today, featuring Miranda Cosgrove;

"I was already going to be in the area visiting family" - uhh ACTUALLY, you tweeted that you were going to be in Atlanta specifically for business..
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Blair also tweeted something to the extent that her and Miranda were friends, just hanging out, nothing business about it..
Yes, they were clearly just hanging out, shopping, like the best friends Blair made them out to be.. I know when I go shopping with my friends, I always wear a mic pack and have cameras follow me around.. oh and I ALWAYS interview my friends about their lives...
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Did anyone notice the pass that little "Hannah" was wearing around her neck? This meeting was so obviously NOT just a couple of friends hanging out. Good work, Blair's agent.

Honestly, I felt awkward watching these two shop around. Their conversation was so clearly forced and Blair had no idea what to do with herself.

On an unrelated note, how many people have been blocked by Blair recently? I was blocked, although this is not shocking, but it seems like many other people who have never even tweeted Blair in their lives have been blocked, as well.

Keep the bullshit and lies coming, ladies, you're digging yourselves deeper and deeper..