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Monday, December 28, 2009


Alright, QueenBeeuty, or Kalel. I used to really like Kalel and still like her and watch her videos, but after all her stupid drama happened, a couple of questions have been raised. First of all, for those unaware of her drama, she made a video confessing a couple of white lies she made, she got a lot of support but also a lot of hate, and then deleted all her videos. Some of the lies she confessed included "Kalel" not being her birth name (she says she's legally changed it, though), shes actually a freshman in college, not a junior, and she switched the nationality of her parents. I think she felt compelled to come out with her lies because of all the bullshit Elizabethblair and Lisaelle have been making us put up with and she felt it would be better for her to come out with it herself instead of someone else calling her out on it. Obviously she was going to get some hate from it, I dont see how she couldn't have seen that coming. but ANYWAY, along with that drama, she also told her subscribers that she wanted to move to LA to pursue acting, and ever since then, people have been questioning her video-making motives. She also got a lot of shit when she said something to Aubrey, Fafinettex3, about her deleting her videos. Aubrey deleted hers, claiming it was a hacker, when in reality it was likely that she just didn't want to go through all her videos and include FTC info (which I dont think people have to do anyway, but whatever). Kalel said that was bullshit and blah blah and well.. she had just done the same thing.. many people think she was jealous that Aubrey was receiving support in a situation that Kalel didn't.

Well anyway, that was all a month or two ago, but recently, she's been tweeting bigger gurus frequently, such as ShaneDawson, and since Elizabethblair has been talking to WhatadayDerek, Kalel has suddenly taken to flirting with him as well. She also freaked out that TheEllenShow was following her, but TheEllenShow follows everyone who follows them, soo.. but whatever, people think shes now just trying to gain popularity to make her acting transition easier.

I also think its kind of weird that she posts pics of her in her bathing suit.. i mean, if you just bought a new bathing suit, I could see posting a pic to show everyone, but she said someone encouraged her to do it (Whatthebuck? or something? i think..). I think she was just fishing for compliments.

Another reason as to why people have been questioning her motives is her recent BFF friendship with Elizabethblair and Lisaelle. In her original blog (she deleted it when she deleted her videos) she was commenting on the whole situation about Lisaelle and Elizabethblair being liars and kind of ridiculing them for how they were handling it.. even though I think Kalel handled her drama BETTER than Lisaelle and Elizabethblair, she still doesnt really have the right to chastise them for it. HOWEVER, luckily, someone had screen shots of Kalels old blog and graciously made a new blog so that everyone could see what Kalel used to think about Lisaelle and Elizabethblair. After reading that and then hearing talk about how Kalel wants to spend her 21st birthday in LA with ElizabethBlair (who would be turning 17 at the same time)... seems like somethings not right there. She knows ElizabethBlair is becoming more popular every day on YT (unfortunately) and it seems like Kalel is trying to use Elizabethblair to make herself more popular.
To see Kalel's deleted blog, go here:

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well, no matter who I post on, the conversation always turns to crazy ass Glittereyes82, aka Jenna Olli. So here you go Jenna, your very own post :D

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First of all, I dont care that you live in a little duplex and ride around Philly in a red mini van, but you can quit with the lies now because you're not fooling anyone.

For those of you who DON'T know about Jenna, let's sum it up:
-Thinks shes better than everyone because she's richer than everyone.. except thats a lie
-Is proud of her drug past and very willing to keep up her drug connections
-Threatens to cut bitches or make them disappear for "a 10 sack of crack"
-Is older than anyone else who posts on this blog yet still can't form a coherent sentence
-has a broken caps lock key
-is obsessive and harasses people
-claims to make thousands of dollars off her review videos even though the videos that she DOES include FTC info for, its shown that she's not compensated at all.
-is basically a pathological liar

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Alright.. so back to venting instead of just being plain bitchy :]

So, Blairxx.. It took me a while to actually subscribe to her because I generally found her to be quite boring. I think I actually started following her on twitter first hah. She seems to be genuinely appreciative of her subscribers (she claims that she personally thanks EVERYONE who subscribes to her, but I'm still waiting on my thank-you..) although she could just be a fame hungry whore like the rest of them. HOWEVER, what irritates me the most about her is that she A) seems really fucking spoiled and B) seems like a whiny little girl a majority of the time. A couple of days ago, she tweeted about her mom going xmas shopping and that she had already been gone for 4 hours and "not to sound spoiled, but I'm sooo excited!" stfu brat, just because your mom has been gone for hours doesnt mean shes buying 03294832048 things all for YOU. I'm guessing she's an only child? Now, before you all jump down my throat talking about how obviously jealous I am, I don't really care about the amount of crap her parents buy her, it's just rude and obnoxious to tweet about it all day long. Secondly, she fucking complains ALL THE TIME on twitter. My personal favorite complaint of hers was when someone mentioned her jacked up eyebrows in a video. Blair, your eyebrows looked RETARDED in that video, and the 2 or 3 people who mentioned it weren't being rude, they were suggesting you try something else to prevent further embarrassment. But Blair proceeded to get super defensive about it, tweeting that "I like my brows! if you dont, dont watch my videos!" or some other whiny crap. Yes Blair, it may be annoying, but that's youtube and the price you pay for posting videos. People are going to say shit about your obviously discolored brows, deal with it or get off youtube. She whines about everything, and when people tell her to STFU because no one likes listening to a crybaby, she whines about people complaining about her whining! Also, whats the deal with her boyfriend? Seems like half the time shes talking about how mean he is and what an awful boyfriend he is, while the other half of the time shes talking about how sweet he is because he buys her lifesized stuffed bears that do nothing but creep people out in the backgrounds of her videos. weird shit. She has been abiding by the new FTC rules (i guess..) which is more than a lot of gurus can say, but in a recent video, she mentioned she receives money for every order placed with some company.. or something.. but anyway, she said "don't hate me for it, atleast I'm being honest!" Yeah.. because you HAVE to be honest now or you'll be facing a $11,000 fine.. nice how this is the first we've heard of her actually getting paid from using a particular product but oh, shes been honest all along, right.

OH, and she recently changed her main makeup channel from Blairxx to BlairxxBeauty (which you would know if you followed her on twitter, seeing as she tweets about it incessantly now).. but I forget why? Shes trying to start fresh? or some shit? whatever.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Poor Puppy..

Yeah, we all saw THAT coming.
I give it 2 weeks.

I think one of the things that pisses me off the most kailyn is that she sounds so fucking stupid when she talks. "This was a early Christmas present..." uhh, do you mean "AN early", kailyn? Dont you learn that in uhh 3rd? 4th grade? and "I'm not the only one in the world who's allowed to have a yorkshire terrier".... I believe you have that backwards, hun. She obviously knew people were going to accuse her of copying Juicystar07 and MakeupbyTiffanyD which is why she felt the need to address it. True, there ARE many people who own those types of dogs, but she copies everything else she does/sees/wears/buys/likes from other people, so its pretty safe to assume that if Blair had gotten say.. a Pomeranian, I'm pretty sure that's the kind of dog Kailyn would have ended up with, too.